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Remiclay introduces Unique Variety Corporate Gift's

Remiclay Introduces Unique variety Corporate Gifts.
Remiclay introduce back to Mother Nature Corporate Gift's

The Mother Nature Earth was all men had in the beginning and only Mother Nature Earth is all man will have till the very end.
Remiclay  launches the all new range of Eco-friendly products for Corporate Gifts.
We are using only those material that are harmless to nature and in fact taken from Mother Nature Soil.  
Remiclay makes 100% Natural Non-toxic eco friendly Terracotta Clay Cookware and Serving Range helps to keep the Earth safe for eternity and to make man healthy.
Thoughtfully Crafted and Artfully Crafted Gifts for Someone Special for Every Occasion. 
Types of Corporate Gifting are - 
1) Gifts for Wedding. 2) Gifts for Corporate. 3) Gifts for Employee. 4) Gifts for Clients. 5) Gifts for Business. 6) Custom Design Gifts.
Now it's time to expense all new Unique and Antique Remiclay Eco-friendly products for Corporate Gifts. All new Lovely and Hand Crafted Collection.
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Healthy Cooking starts from Home Cooking

                            Healthy Cooking start's from Home Cooking 
Home Cooking – The Most effective way to reach to someone heart including your own is through stomach and home cooking is not at all difficult. Home Cooking is all about Cooking with passion for getting excellent flavor, proper adding of spices, delicious sweets and serving dishes to love one. “What you eat is what you are “
Research about Water and Food – As Scientific Studies say that water and food are having its own Memory. If we see into water, it grabs our moments and the same way it goes with food. If we prepare food with positive energy and serve it with love and passion, the food and water is bound to react in a Positive way in our body. Also, half of our problem will be vanished if it’s been consumed properly. Research also say that the people who eat home cook food are happier and healthier. They consume less sugar and processed food, which results in high energy level and better health.
Importance of Home co…
Clay Cup Cooking.

Now will be very Interesting with full of health.

For making Cup Cake . we will be using Clay Cup for making.

Remi all Kitchen Cookware are made of 100% clay.

Remiclay Launches some of very new products like clay cake mold,Clay cup molds etc.

That's can be use in microwave oven and oven too.

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Clay Sprout and Soaking Pot

Remi Clay
Clay Sprout and Soaking Pot

Specifications For Clay Sprout Pot. • Upper and Base Handi 2L. • Pure Red Clay.
Advantages For Using Clay Sprout Pot & Soaking Beaker. • You use for sprout and in lower chamber for soaking and dal etc. • Keeps body Fit.
How to Use • Before you start using Pot, Just Wash with water and use from same moment.
Washing Method • Washing Handi with water and leave with hot water for 10 minutes before washing. • Use soft brush. 

Mud Bath/SPA

Mud Bath/SPAByRemi Clay
Types of Mud Bath Most commonly used mud in Mud SPA/BATH is Earthen Soil and Multani Mitti. The mud contains an array of vitamins and minerals, as well as decomposed grass, flowers and herbs.

Healing powers of Mud Bath
1) Mud baths has anti-inflammatory properties- soaking in mud and its minerals can help alleviate aches and muscle pains.
2) Soothing effect Mud Bath and its minerals -- including sodium, magnesium and potassium -- improves Skin.
3) Soaking in mud baths can even help relieve the symptoms of many conditions such as psoriasis and Rosacea.
4) Mud bath can even improve spinal Problems.
5) Mud bath is a great way to relax and refresh.

Mud Bath at Home To make your own mud bath at home, Just add Earthen Soil and Multani Mitti with water.After some time mud dissolves, then Slowly rub on the body.  Let the mud keep ont he body for 10 to 15 min and then Rinse yourself off under a warm shower.

Why Remi Clay Products are Special.

Remi Overseas Pvt. Ltd, an innovative based company in India having a global footprint that discovers, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of Clay Products like Clay Handi, Water Jug, Dahi Handi, Cooker etc. Remi Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is a leading company in India, who cater to the requirements of the clients and manufacture the products through a critical selection of high quality material. Our professional workmanship has established us a reliable name in the industry. 
REMI Clay Cooker  

Specifications For Clay Cooker •Clay Cooker 3L. •Pure Red Clay. Advantages For Using Clay Cooker •Gives Natural Taste. •Makes Tasty Food with all the minerals & Vitamins. •Keeps body Fit. How to Use •Before you start using the clay cooker, wash it with water. •After you wash do not put direct on stove. Allow it to dry for a while. •It is advise to check the lid that is properly tight before use. Washing Method •Washing the Clay cooker with Hot water and leave with hot water for 10 minutes before was…